Amazon Echo vs Amazon Echo Dot: which Alexa speaker is best for you?

When you’re thinking of buying a smart speaker, choosing the right model can be really tricky; even if you’ve settled on a brand, the best smart speaker brands often have a number of different models for every occasion. 

If you’ve discounted the Apple HomePod, and don’t fancy the speakers in the Google Home range, you might be looking to buy an Amazon Echo speaker – but how do you choose between an Amazon Echo and its smaller sibling, the Echo Dot?

Both offer the smarts of Amazon’s Alexa and the company’s now-iconic design. You can even use both speakers to place phone calls to phone numbers in the US, Canada, Mexico, and most recently the UK, by assigning your mobile number to your Amazon account, and giving it access to your contacts book.

 But, which one is more expensive? Which model is best for students and which one offers better audio quality? 

We’ve taken an in-depth look at both smart speakers so you can make an informed decision, just in time for Amazon Prime Day, when you could see some sizable discounts on the brand’s speaker range. 

Amazon Echo vs Amazon Echo Dot: overview

Smart speakers may be ubiquitous these days, but that wasn’t always the case. When Amazon released the Amazon Echo Dot in 2014, the craze for connected devices and voice assistants truly took off. 

Now in its second generation, the Amazon Echo is still one of the best smart speakers on the market.

Combining Amazon’s voice-enabled smart assistant Alexa with home audio, the Echo stormed the smart home market, before branching out into a number of different speakers and smart displays, including the Echo Show, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot. 

The Echo Dot may be the smallest Echo speaker, but it’s also the best-selling according to Amazon, thanks to its compact size and modest price tag. 

Designed to fit into any room of your home, the Echo Dot is now available in its third iteration. 

The Amazon Echo Dot (Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Echo vs Amazon Echo Dot: price and availability

The Amazon Echo Dot is the cheapest of the two smart speakers, but you can currently get both the Echo and the Echo Dot at a discount from a number of retailers worldwide, making both prices more palatable than ever. 

At launch, the Amazon Echo cost $180 / £150 / around AU$230, while the Echo Dot cost $49.99 / £49.99 / AU$79.

However, both speakers have seen sizable discounts since then, and you can currently get your hands on the Amazon Echo for as little as $83 / £69.99 / AU$149 and the Echo Dot for $30 / £30 / AU$48. 

In Australia the Echo Dot is still being sold for AU$79 on Amazon, but with Amazon Prime Day fast approaching, it might be worth holding on until then to buy your new Echo speaker. 

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