Days Gone Details Are Both Astonishing and Intricate

Hardiman2h ago

I a man utterly blown away by the level of detail in this game. From the visuals to the audio it is impressive! I play a lot of open world games and the big ones I’ve spent up to year on, on and off and DG world is one of the most detailed I’ve experienced. From homes that once were lived in with all the details you’d expect to the terrain, it’s amazing. I love how the camps are constructed and how there’s a layer of dirt, grim and moss on vehicles out in the wild. There’s even dried dirt coming off dirt roads where they meet pavement. The sound of deer in the background or flies buzzing or crickets chirping, it’s so immersive.

When it starts to rain you can hear the first few drops before it really sets in. The dynamic weather impresses as well. The score is pretty top notch too.

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