Overall Game of the Year 2018

VGChartz’s Evan Norris: “2017 is a hard act to follow, but 2018 made an impact all of its own, with a host of spectacular action games. Celeste won over the hearts of many indie gamers with its accessible controls, daunting gameplay, beautiful art, and powerful message about reconciling with inner demons. The God of War franchise roared back to life after a brief hiatus, using a re-imagined world of gods and monsters to tell a new, more complete story. Red Dead Redemption 2 broke records and earned perfect scores from dozens of outlets, further enhancing Rockstar’s open-world legacy. Fan-favorite studio Insomniac tried its hand at Marvel’s most enduring superhero, turning in one of the genre’s best in the process. And finally, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pushed Nintendo’s mascot brawler in new, more refined directions.”

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