June 19, 2019

Facebook’s Portal video calling devices go on sale, but who the hell would buy one?

In one of the scariest product announcements in recent years (should have done on Halloween, amirite?), Facebook unveiled its video calling devices last month. The Portal and Portal+ are now beginning to ship to anyone who was silly enough to pre-order one, and you can even go out and buy them in shops.

Facebook assures us these products were “built with privacy and security in mind,” but I still don’t think I want a Facebook-connected eye anywhere in my home. Each to their own, though. The smaller Portal has a 10-inch screen and costs $199, while the larger, rotatable Portal+ goes for $349 — they’re both Amazon Alexa-enabled.

You can get buy them from Facebook directly, Amazon (online and in Amazon Books stores), or Best Buy (Online and in-store). There’s even a deal that lets you save $100 when you buy two Portal devices — why buy one when you can get two? Fork it, why not by four? Or six? One for every room in the house.

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